Final Scratch Challenge Projects

For your final Scratch project you will be incorporating the programming concepts that we have covered into your work. You should be using these concepts and be able to explain why you used them and how they work in your project: (Download this pdf to help you with the blocks needed programming concepts chart)

  1. Sequence
  2. Looping (iteration)
  3. Broadcast (communication and synchronization between Sprites)
  4. Conditional Statements (if…else)
  5. Variables

Once you have completed your work make sure that you have:

  • Tested your project to make sure it works
  • Shared your project so it is visible to others
  • Added Instructions about how your project works and Notes & Credits (not optional!)
  • Placed your project into the Challenge Projects Studio that I created (see link below)
  • Peer review another project that has been submitted to the Studio

Take A Look at the Awesome Work!!!!


Submitting Your Work – Part 2

When you submit your work to me via the Google Form the information goes into a spreadsheet. I am using this spreadsheet to assess your work and making comments. Although these assessments are then transferred to Jupiter grades, there may be a day or two before I can get your work assessed and reported.

If you are wondering if you have submitted work, then look at this spreadsheet for your name.

If you haven’t submitted your work correctly, then review the post that we went over in class that outlines the submission process and the check-off list for your work.

Broadcast & Receive Blocks

broadcast-receive blocks Use these blocks in your Conversation project to take the place of some of the wait blocks you may have used to get the timing right. These blocks are a way to control communication between Sprites and are essential if you are going to create more advanced projects.

Replace the wait blocks you may have used in your Conversation with the Broadcast blocks. Use the Broadcast blocks to trigger your Sprites to appear or disappear on the stage. Control the actions of a Sprite through the actions of another Sprite in a creative way.

Scratch Wiki –

Example: Having troubles with these blocks? Take a look at my example, try remixing it and adding some of your own blocks and Sprites, see if you can figure out how these blocks can work for you.

Once I have reviewed your work you can submit your completed Conversation that uses the Broadcast blocks to my studio. This will help other students who may be struggling with the Broadcast and Receive concepts.

Have A Conversation!!

  • At least 2 Sprites in the conversation
  • Use at least 2 backgrounds – figure out how the backgrounds switch
  • Use the Say blocks to get your character to speak
  • Use the Think blocks for something your character doesn’t say out loud
  • The animation should begin by clicking on the Green Flag
  • Change the costumes on your Sprites
  • Use the Wait block
  • Use the Show & Hide blocks




10 Block Challenge

10 block challenge

Click to make the blocks bigger

What can you create with only 10 Scratch blocks? Create a project using only these 10 blocks. Use them once, twice, or multiple times, Use ONLY these blocks, but you can use any of these blocks more than one time, with more than one Sprite.

You can use more than one Sprite and a Background.

Remember to change the values in the blocks, don’t just leave them the same as they are right now.

Be creative, make something interesting!!!

The link is on my Wagongrrl scratch page

NOOB? — Remix 10 Blocks project to get started.

EXPERT? — Use at least 1 block that you have NEVER used before. Be prepared to demonstrate to the class how the block works.

10 Block Challenge Studio – Did your re-mix make it in????

All About Me – Scratch Studio

all about meIf you have completed your All About Me project you must submit it using the Google Project Submission form. Make sure you have completed all the requirements BEFORE you submit it. Here is the check off list:

  • Project must me named “All About Me” (not untitled)
  • User must be able to click on the Green Flag to start the project.
  • You should share your project so that others can view it
  • The Instructions & Notes are filled out and tell the user how to work the project and what it is about.
  • You are copying and pasting the correct url into the submission form.

Take a look at the completed and excellent work here Scratch Studio – All About Me.

Scratch Submission URL

When you have completed your Scratch assignments you will be using this form to submit the link to your completed work to me.

Check-Off List – before you submit your work for assessment

  1. Is your project named? (changed from untitled to correct name)
  2. Is your project shared?
  3. Is your project complete? (re-check the assignment requirements)
  4. Do you know what assignment you are submitting the work for (you will be using a drop down list on the Submission Form to indicate which assignment this is)